Vision- and Mission Development


Vision- and Mission Development

Pople and companies that think about where they want to go are undisputedly more successful. What power really lies behinad a strong company vision became evident with Steve Jobs and Apple.

Where do you want to go with your company? Have you given your employees a desirable picture of the future? And do your managers and employees know what creativ leeway they have to achieve the corporate vision? If not, the people in your company may lack direction and orientation in the long term. When it comes to motivation, it can also happen that individuals lose their passion.

A strong corporate vision can create the necessary framework for your employees to become effective in their role and really want to perform. Within their own experience and possibilities, employees can thus represent a mosaic piece within the larger picture. How else are individuals divisions, departments and teams supposed to know in which direction to sail? Once it is clear where the yourney is heading, the next step is to look at how the company and individual teams get there and work together. Where the corporate vision shows employees an attractive and desirabel future, the corporate mission statement offers above all certainty and orientation for how people should work together. 

The joint definition of a corporate vision and a corporate mission statement is central to an aligned corporate strategy! We work closely with you on both topics. We use a variety of new creative methods that have been tried and tested over many years. Take the time for these topics, then you do not run the risk of arriving elsewhere than you actually wanted to.

Target group

Management boards or management committees that are responsible for the management of an organization/company

Our offer

  • We clarify with you the initial situation with regard to the vision and corporate mission statement. This happens, for example, in a workshop or in interviews. This involves, for example, the following questions: Is there already a vision or a corporate mission statement? How are these currently perceived and lived in the company? How well does the current corporate vision take into account the challenges for the future?
  • We present and mirror the results and identify with you key points with regard to your vision and your corporate mission statement.
  • We support you in formulating your vision and your corporate mission statement. 
  • We moderate large group events for integrating and reaching of a large number of people in the company. 
  • We help you to introduce and achor your new vision/new mission statement in the company.

Your benefit

  • Use the mission statement effectively as a strategic instrument and with tangible benefits
  • Many years of experience in supporting companies in vision, mission and corporate mission statement development
  • Nonnast & Kollegen as sparring partner for a targeted and structured approach in vision and mission statement development
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