Our philosophy


Our philosophy

Nonnast & Kollegen supports people and organizations on their way to unfold and purposefully develop their full potential. We especially focus on leadership development.
We firmly believe that a company should serve society and the people working in it. Organizations have an important social responsibility and should be aware of this.

We like to regularly ask ourselves the following question: Who do we really serve as a company? Considered holistically, we do not only serve our direct clients or the estimated 4,000 people in leadership positions that we support in our training programs every year. Who we really serve are all those who are directly led by the people we train. Ideally these people can then unfold their full potential and come into their full power. Assuming we have about 10 direct reports per manager, totaling 40,000 people, this is already quite a number! This helps us realize our scale of responsibility.

Our role

We see ourselves as a service-provider, supporter and partner of our customers. We constructively question their requests, mirroring what we have understood to gain a better understanding.  We greatly value finding the best solutions together with our customers. If we realize a request really serves as an alibi or individual interests, it can happen that we turn it down or give it back. This is also true if we learn that we are not the right service-provider for a request or if an assignment is in conflict with our values.

Questions and solutions

We firmly believe that the right solutions just feel right! Yet before this can happen, we need to ask the right questions.
We have learned that it is worthwhile, when organizations and the people in them take the time to detect, ask and confront themselves with the right questions. We support our customers on this, sometimes unclear, journey.
As soon as a good and fitting solution is found, everyone involved can feel it right away. Suddenly this opens a door. The right solution then feels clear and powerful.

Trust and conflict

Last but not least, we believe that trust is the basis for working effectively with our customers. This means that, when clarifying a potential request, we appreciate and respect differences in opinions and aspirations.
We also know that on the path to the best solution, being comfortable with smaller “conflicts”, can be key in finding the best viable answers. Yet this can only happen if the relationships with our customers are based on trust, and if both parties are in good contact with themselves and their counterparts. We jointly examine different views in order to better understand what values and goals lie behind each position - all with the common goal to help detect the right path. For us the best solutions emerge out of discussions.

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